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I went to see this film for many reason, I really love and enjoy political dramas and films as they tend to be smart, fast and actually really good, hence my love of the West Wing.

I also wanted to see this film because of Ryan Gosling, there’s been a lot of talk about him this last year and I wanted to see what the hype was about, I had watched Blue valentine and while it was good it was slow and hard to get into.  The trailer for this film interested me greatly and was desperate to watch it.

My god was I not disappointed this film is one of the best of the year and easily makes it into the top 5 films of all time on my list, It’s Clever it’s fast it’s powerful.

Clooney directs this masterpiece and he does a fantastic job with it, compared to Leatherheads I feel this should get some serious attention at the Oscars. He doesn’t appear as much as you may think in this film but I think it was a good choice, we all know Clooney gets all the attention on screen because he is a fantastic actor and now a fantastic director.

He lends the leading role instead to Mr Gosling and sir if you are by any near miracle reading this your performance blew me away, not a single weak moment. Just utter brilliance from his part, the performance from this film for Gosling should give him serious oscar attention. He plays a man clearly destined for great things in life and his career as he is working under George Clooney’s character on his staff and manges to manipulate himself around everyone.

The whole cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, Maria Tomei and Jeffrey Writght were brilliant. If you’re a fan of the west wing or of anything involving intelligence then this film is perfect for you.

I loved every minute of it, from the small details such as Gosling’s character standing in front of the flag in a Kennedy Style, to the fact that everyone hair apart from Clooney’s was a bit messy which is a small detail but makes a large difference as it show it’s not the whole hollywood glamour or anything.

In fact Gosling’s effort in this film has been me desperate to see films like Drive and Crazy Stupid love as you the more you see of him on screen the more you want. He could easily be the next big thing if he’s not there already.

Gosling’s facial features during some of the scenes were just prefect, the camera would  be on one person one minute and turn to gosling and he would have captured the whole scene perfectly just with his facial features, I cannot praise this man enough for this performance and nor can I praise this film enough.



***** Yes my first 5 star and I would go even higher expect im limiting myself to being out of 5. As I said before if you a fan of good intelligent fast passed dialogue and plot then I highly recommend this film to you.