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Super 8 is the lastest creation from J.J Abrams, the man who gave you a lot of very good titles. Star trek and Cloverfield among them so we know he can make and mould aliens very well. Super 8 is no exception.

The film follows a group of young children as they film their own zombie film, they view a horrible incident involving a train and are now part of events centred around some kind of being that was kept in the one of the compartments.

This film is thrilling and gripping, from the immediate sad beginning it then moves to thrills and excitement. There is not one weak performance from any of the kids who are in this film.

The substance  is well built from the truck to the caves. One thing which took me back is how much older Elle Fanning looks in this film and when sitting in the car you think she’s all grown up but only realise she not much older then the rest of them, her best scene is where she needs to show emotion for her friends camera and manages to blow away everyone on set, including the audience.

Joel Courtney played his character Joe lamb very well I thought, he displayed his character perfectly as the man who misses his mother and struggles with the relationship he is now left with his father. Even the scene near the end involving the necklace is very well done.

Kyle Chandler was good in this film however I just saw too much of his character from Friday night lights, in that every time he was acting or doing particular gestures then it would just take me back to Friday Night Lights.

The train scene its self was good, I almost put together why the car was driving down the tracks at the train as it was reminiscent  of Paul, though still done well.

One key difference which seperates this film from the other blockbuster films out today is that this one really did have heart and soul to it, unlike say transformers this was used the explosions only when really needed and yes its about an alien attacking humans but this had so much more depth to it then anything else.



This films is fantastic and any one who likes films I would recomend this, it shows that you dont need some glorified modal to lead the film or a bunch of ill timed jokes but you can have explosions and huge scale sets and still have so much depth to it.