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So this is yet another instalment into the pirates world. Though this time minus Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom. However the cast of Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Mr Jibs have returned.

This adventure leads Jack to try and find the Foundation Of youth and joins Blackbeard in his quest. Penelope Cruz appearing as BlackBeard’s daughter.

I for one was not greatly moved when I heard that they were going to make a Fourth film in the series as the first one was brilliant, funny, clever and something entirely new. Four films on and its getting just that tad old now. It is is a good film for a friday or saturday afternoon if you have a free couple of hours but if not then you wont miss anything much.

Johnny Depp is of course brilliant in it, he’s funny likeable and very much the highlight of the film from start to end. I feel the urge to plee though that Jack should hang up his hate and set sail for good as I fear that another film will some what strip away his funny quirky character who we all love, when they could leave it as it is and have the memory of Jack be a good one.

The film begins in London with Jack and Gibbs running from the authorties. richard griffiths makes a short but good appearence as King George. Following this there is a fight scene in the pub where some one is claiming to be Mr Sparrow and we again see Keith Richards play his father, supprising to see him again but it brought a smile apon my face that they brought him back however briefly.

The fight scene between the two Jacks in the pub was very very reminisent of the fight between Bloom and Depp in the first film though not as good.

Geoffrey Rush appears to have swapped sides and lost a leg tho that is not a frightening as he appears to be dosed in makeup which is unnearving to say the least though it must work in his favour.

Penelope Cruz is helpful in this film which is suprising considering how most action films out at the moment have the main lead woman just there to look pretty but not much else, Cruz is good in this role and the chemistry between Depp and her is very good tho under used.

This film does feel like Hollywood is squezzing the life out of this series and making every penny they can, before they besmurch this film series any more they do need to call it a night. Even Johnny Depp has suspended signing onto another Pirates film , clearly he saw that the end should be within sight.


** Its a shame really when you think about the amount of talent aboard that this film could not be better, however the characters are good there just a couple of films too late.