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Right firstly I apologise for not writing anything for ages, poor effort on my behalf but have been a bit busy with things.

So When Transformers first came to our screens it was a large success, it was new and well done considering these films are based off toys and an tv series from some time ago as well as a small run in the marvel comics.

The Second came and flopped hugely and is regarded as a mistake which which even Shia Labeouf agreed. It just didn’t work and my main problem was that for a robot who the films name is based on he was pretty easy to kill and did not last long which is a shame and so is the rest of the film.

Our fingers were crossed with the arrival of the third film, the trailers had all looked good and despite the change in lead girl it still looked good. So I began to watch this film.

Now all due credit to transforms the beginning I felt was really well done and was a much higher standard then the previous films or anything we were expecting, using film from actual footage at the time and from scenes the studio created it seemed to flow together and got my attention. It was clever and it worked and was need to gain better ground in the audiences favour.

Then we are introduced to rosie huntington-whiteley for the first time. Now no one was expecting her to be anything other then being there for show and tell, and no one was disappointed as she does not have that big a role , she is simply the sex appeal of this film, which all due credit she of course does well. However she cannot act and its like watching a beautiful made car trying to get the engine started, it looks good but it just wont work.

Sam who was apparently dumped by Megan Fox’s character, good small twist there. Is mentioned a couple of times in the beginning then never again. Sam is his usual self though as is pointed out by his mother seems to get all the hot girls. Sam is trying to fight for his right to matter in the world after two years of saving the planet. What was refreshing from his character was that he actually managed to find his voice and speak up against officials which was very nice. However he annoyed me by being extremely jealous over his girlfriend against her boss played by Patrick Dempsey which was nice to see him playing the character he did which I thought he did well and would like to see him in other roles similar to it.

One role which was small but memorable was from the great Ken Jeong who plays Sam’s fellow conspirator and was a definite highlight .

It takes a little while for everything to come together but when it does its an excellent apocoloyse type look for the city and creates the right emotions and music, one extremly loved part for me was when the building is riped in two and our heroes and falling along the floor trying to grab somthing for dear life.

One massive annoyance I had with this film was near the end all the autobots standing in one line and an stupid American flag appearing in the background which just seemed cheesy and nearly ruined the entire film.


*** It’s a clear improvement on the second one and is worth watching but in the end it is robots beating each other and cities up.