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We all know by now how these series work and this instalment is of course no exception. For those of you who may have been hiding behind sofas or various places which make good hideouts let me explain.

This film directed by Steven Quale. With Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Escarpeta, Miles Fisher. Starts off normal then off course leads to a horrible incident involving numerous deaths in extreme and mostly starting ways. One person usually wakes up to the start of this incident and saves a number of people who over time get killed in the order they were supposed to die in the beginning.

It’s taken five films for the produces and the director of these to release that we understand the plot and we see how these people die. This film is cleverer then its predecessors as it understand that we understand, follow. So the suspense is built up to such a pitch for the first few deaths. The first death in particular is fantastic and will have you biting your nails in fear and excitement. They lead you to believe that small things around the room are the cause of the death and without wanting to lead onto how it actually transpires I shall merely say you never see it coming.

The whole experience is made even more impressive if you choose to see it in 3-D like myself. Now 3-D as far as im concerned is being used a little too much on some films which don’t need it as it distracts from the original film. This is needed for Final Destination as it makes the experience so much better and they took full advantage of it. Not wanting to say too much but the effect is fantastic with a certain sail boat, enough said.

One character who was good but bordering on some what funny is the coroner a supposed messenger from death who warns the survivors that death doesn’t like to be cheated. I was some what impressed by him but at the same time part of me wanted to laugh at some of the lines that were said by him.

Yes this is not going to be oscar material film as the script is not paid much attention to as its a rough cycle of what the hell happened, can’t believe their dead and whose next. However like the step up films you do not go to see them because of the script or acting, you go because you like the dancing. Well with Final destination you go to see them for the deaths and how they are killed.

One quibble I have about this film is that it starts off with really clever clearly thought out deaths which turn into one explosion after another and people getting killed in normal ways, well normal for final destination film which is disappointing  as it feels like some one running a race and getting a great head start then needing to rest in the middle only to come back at the end and amaze the crowd.

A good thing about this film is that its neatly tied up at the end allowing the directors to go in any direction they wish. Unlike the saw and hostel films I look forward to seeing more final destination films.


*** It’s the best film in the series and I would definitely recommend this film but really best in 3-D, the deaths are mostly well done and with these films that all we care about.