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Right this review if going to be short, the only reason I am writing this at all is that I did say I would review all the films that I see. Unfortunately I have seen this waste of two hours.

The plot is very well explained in the title, a man witnesses a murder and therefore must testify against a criminal, he then goes onto a plan where the said criminal has placed snakes on a plane. The snakes escape and cause havoc.

Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips star in this film and it is directedby  David R. Ellis who quite frankly must have thanked the gods that Samuel L. Jackson even appeared in this film let alone starred in it.

I watched this film because I thought it would be so bad that it would be funny to watch. I was grossly mistaken as this is not even funny bad. It’s just awful.

Even 10 mintutes in you know this is gona be bad and it continues to head in a downward spiral. Its full of quite frankly weird scenes including one where the a woman who is asleep gets sexually aroused by snakes. Another scene when this snakes are clearly aroused and make you feel very weird is when the first victims of the snakes die and the snaked bites the womans nipple. Yes I feel some one is going for the cheap jokes here and there. Finally a man going to the toilet gets his member eaten by a snake. Again with the cheap humour, if you can call it that.

All in all Samuel L Jackson needs to remember that he is a great actor who can choose any part he wants to and should not jump on the first script that arrives at his door without opening it or reading it first.

This is one of the worst films I have ever seen and everyone should avoid this like Samuel L jackson should have done with the script.


* Jackson we love you but you could do so much better which is easily done as everything is better then this rubbish.