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It’s been a while since I wrote here, not my fault as my interent decided to annoy me and not work, beauty of 21st century technology.

So anyways back to the review. Now I watched this film a while back but I could not make up my mind as to whether I liked it or not. Yes it is a powerful film about a group of mens survival out of the camps and back to each of their respective homelands.

The film is about a group of men in a prisoner of war camp in Serbian prison who decided to break out and journey across the lands to their homes, it then turns into survival of the fittest. The film is  Directed by Peter Weir. With Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Dragos Bucur starring in it.

At first this film was incredible and you get pulled in to watching as you start liking different charactors more and willingly them to go on and to survive with the beautiful landscape shots of the different countries. From a set point of view this is a beatiful film to watch as they manage to trek across many different countries and it is stunning.

Out of all the actors however only one man trurly stood out as beyond amazing in his performance and as character I don’t think we have seen from him before. Colin Farrell was beyond brilliant as the ever so slighlty manic and insane person who threatens his way onto the escape team and out of the camp. When he was on screen your eyes are drawn to him and you can’t look away, its very much a shame he did not get more attention for this role as it is one of his best. He shown above all others and reminded me of a sort of golem character all be it not ring to call his “prescious”. If it had simply been a film about him and his escape and jounrey across the lands then the weakness I’m about to talk about would not have happened and this film would be fantastic.

My first problem with this film starts back in the camps. Now these camps are set up to hold prisoners of war, they can do what they like with the prisoners, this camp seems very overcrowded and unnessary  when they could kill of prisoners rather then waste their time with them waiting for them to die while mining or dying of old age. It seems like such a massive effort when they could simply shoot to kill as it where. There doesnt seem any point in having the camp at all to be honest. On character I have a problem with is the old american man, he is obsiovuly quite old and so why is he still alive. Yes he can walk across several countires and survive to an extent but there are entriely different motivations there to survive. In the camps he is expected to mine and work away all day and at his age lets face it out much can he actually do so I feel he should have been shot like many of the others in the camps should have been as it seems so expensive to keep a place like that running indefinitely.

The guards did not seem to care much when the prisoners escaped as that was very easy though I don’t imagine the gaurds who have thought that the prisoners would have got very far.That was the biggest problem I had after deep discussions with others who watched it.

Jim Sturgess was very good as well, again his best role to date but not quite equal to Mr Farrell. Mark Strong was good and it was a shame he wasn’t there for more then just simply a small role as I seem to like him in everything he does.


It was a good film until you release how the beginning should have been so different and all. Cast was very good and you are gripped from beginning to the end. If it had a different beginning then it would have got to four stars easily for me.