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Now in my opinion the best way to learn about what films are good and what films are bad, is not through the medium of box office results. Or by how the film sells when it goes onto dvd, yes sometimes this is a great way. However a large portion of the time the best way is through recommendation. That is the recommendation from friends and family, people who know you best and know what you like and don’t like.

Such a thing has happened to me many many times. This is a result of just one of the those times. You may recall me writing a review for a film called The Lincoln Lawyer saying how good it was. Well my friend Mr Ben Scott, who runs a blog called http://benscottsportsandfitness.wordpress.com/, recommended this film to me called Two for the Money. So chance had it that it was playing on tv, so I watched it and man did I enjoy it.

Two for the Money is about a sports fanatic played by Matthew Mcconaughey who goes to work for Al Pacino’s character by saying who will win which match. Things go extremely well for a long time until they hit a error and everything starts to fall apart. It’s directed by D.J Caruso

Now I happen to have a soft spot for inspirational sports films, from Coach Carter to Invictus. Something about them just appeals to me. This film is the same.

Yes like most films this one does have a lot of criticisms but it also has a lot of good plot point and highs. There are a few twists in the tale such as the one near the very end. It is a very enjoyable film. Al Pacino is as always incredibly good to watch, never have I loved so many films where he has been a major part in from the Classic Godfather to Devils Advocate. In this role one would have suspected him to have already had the heart ache which his character is clearly on the brink of having one. When ever he is on screen you cannot help but ignore everything else and simply watch him do what he does best.

Matthew Mcconaughey does produce a good performance, however you cannot help but feel it would have been better without the scenes of him hitting the gym, which as impressive as it was got a tad boring. It felt like some one had said, look Matthew your talent is not good enough to match Al Pacino so we need you to get your shirt off and work out to give a feeling of power and strength over this old man. It was really not needed as his performance was good and he held his own against Al Pacino well.

So there are a few moments when the slicked back hair look does look a tad silly. And not this is not a serious film merely a good film to watch laid back on a weekend after noon to pass the time.

Renne Russo plays very part very well, though I wish she had had more screen time.

My favourite scene in this film is when Russo and Pacino are opening presents on the morning of their anniversary, the tension in the room is high and you can feel it. Waiting for some one to say the wrong thing or ask the wrong question or give the wrong look.

It was good to see Entourage’s Jermey Piven in this, he is another who  deserves more screen time, but its understandable why he doesn’t.



*** Yes this film is good and enjoyable, it is however just a good deal of fun and nothing to serious.