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Now I know I said I would have no bias when I wrote these reviews, believe I’ve  tried hard to do just that. However I struggle not to have an favouritism or anything like that with Harry Potter. Harry Potter has been a huge huge part of my life for many many years now and reading the books was my introduction into the world of literature. So for me not to be bias is like asking a fish to stop swimming, its near on impossible but it can be done.

This film as everyone knows is the last instalment into the world of Harry Potter, the books finished a few years ago and thus the films must now end. Sad times. We have followed a group of three individuals through the better part of their lives, we have watched then grow and mature into adults and now we must let them fly away and see what the world has to offer them outside the world of Harry Potter.

I Believe I walk out of every Instalement of the series saying the same words “That was the best one by far” and like a bad case of De Ja Vu, I say the same again. This really was the best one, really way.

Watching the film was a mixture of excitement as you really want to watch it and sadness as your realise that this is the last time for the three of them.

This part of the journey is so very well done. Yes they do miss out one or two important things and havechanged the ending so that , in my opinion it feels more cinematic and more for the audience then individual which is a shame.

It is very well done, and feels somewhat shorter then the rest of the films, maybe I enjoyed it that much more. Why did they have the change the ending from the book. Spoiler alert for those who some how don’t know how this ends. At the end Harry is supposed to stand up in front of everyone and Voldermort and give a large speech which rounds everything up thats happened in all the books, this is followed by Voldermort and Harry firing spells at each other and cause Voldermort’s spell to rebound and hit himself, killing him instantly. None of this happens and it’s slightly annoying as the ending to this book was so good. Admittedly its a good ending in the films but its not the same.

They also left out the entire part of Dumbledore’s family history which is slightly annoying as its a very good part of the book as it also leads to Voldermort’s past and his family history. Two parts which are fascinating and brilliant and yet were not carried through to the book. However all that is Just me being a true Harry Potter fan and knowing the books inside and Out.

The sets were amazing, from Gringotts and the dragon to the battle of Hogwarts. The CGI and sets and incredible and quite right as it look them so long to make.

One thing which was nice was the return if briefly of Gary Oldman, Sir Michael Gambon and a few other faces who died in perviously in Harry Potter.  Alan Rickman’s performance was amazing as usual as Snape and the scene where his past with Lilly potter and the plan is revealed is very well done. Though why they changed the setting from the Shrieking Shack, as it was in the book to the boat house I’m not sure.

However having said those negative things about it , it is a brilliant film and the such a good way to end it all. Yes they did miss some crucial things out, well crucial to me and one other person I know. Putting that aside it is a really good to watch.

Daniel Radcliff is must be said has come on miles since the first, you can see the growing actor now as he really does come on miles in this film. Compared to the other films his acting is off the charts good. Same with Emma Watson, though she has always been good just waiting for the lads to catch up. Rupert Grint is almost there just not quite in the same league as the other two anymore.

My main Hope is that in 20 years time they don’t remake this film as that would be a huge travesty.

Helen Bonham Carter is fantastic in this, I wish she had had more scream time but ever since she appeared she has been one of the favourite characters from the films as she is just so so good. In the beginning when she is playing Emma Watson character, its fantastic to watch she really does do the movements and expressions well. She is one of my favourites easily.

One of my favourite scenes which I wish had lasted just a tad longer is the scene where Dumbledore is talking to Harry after he has been killed, the scene is nearly how I had it in my mind including the little part of Voldemort under the bench.


**** A fantastic film and almost the best way to end the series. Sad times, but new beginnings for the three of them. Goes without saying that everyone needs to see it.