To be honest this film was not on any of my lists to go see, not that it didn’t look like a good film just that nothing in the trailer attracted me to go and see it. It looked like another try hard rubbish comedy. When it came out however it started getting quite a bit of attention. People like Russell Brand were tweeting saying how good it was. Total film and Empire were saying very good things about it.

So that got my interest more as I had not long ago been through this series of events with The King’s speech were I thought it was going to have nothing to appeal to me, how ever I was wrong about that and wrong about Bridesmaids.Less then 5 minutes in I was already in a fit of hysterics. How wrong I was.

Bridesmaids is about a woman about to get married and chooses her best friend as her lead Bridesmaid, this is a woman who she known her entire life. She also chooses another Bridesmaid, this is a woman who she has only met 6 months ago. This film goes on to show the two bridesmaids trying to best eachother who will win the battle of bridesmaids.The film stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and is directed by  Paul Feig.

The performances in this film were great and Kristen Wiig in particular drew my eye as her comic timing and performance was easily the best. Rose Byrne was also very good and a complete change of character for her since X-men First Class.

Despite having a very small role in the film , John Hamm was excellent. Here is a man who is making it to the top and has appeared in a number of films with small roles but each small role he does is fantastic. In this he plays the arrogant idiot of the Wiig’s character. He is funny and great.

I know it was not filmed with the same scenario but I could not help feel that this was the female comeback to The Hangover. Yes admittedly is not the same context, other then a group of friends and there involving a wedding. For the first half of the film i’t extremely funny and clever.

Some of the scenes and scenarious are both cring worthy and hilarious. The most cringe worthy scene is when they are looking at the dresses and due to eating some bad food start feeling quite ill. I shall leave that there as I don’t wish to give much more away.One of the funniest scenes in the film is on the plane, this entails Wiig getting very drunk and the effects are brilliant to watch.

The only problem I had with this film is for me it ran out of steam too soon. To put it into a metaphor, it felt like a runner having a great start but being too cocky, yes he is miles in front and feels good however half way through the race he starts to become slow. He can feel the pain of the running and the tiredness and knows he must relax and rest for a bit before finally coming back towards the end  winning the race.

This film is like that, it puts so much effort into the first hour which is brilliant, funny and entertaining and then seems to become slow and exhausted half way through. Yes this is to go with the downward spiral that our lead woman’s life seems to be going down. It become gloomy and depressing like  most films must go through that downward stage until it gets picked back up. However for me this downward spiral is far too long, it needed to be shorter that way when it rises up again its even better. This just felt like it ran out of steam half way through and used it best stuff too soon.

Another scene which I found entraining is when Wiig’s character is attempting to gain the attention of the police officer by breaking every motorway code.

*** This is a very funny film with some great performances however it runs out of energy too soon and is almost left in this miserable state depression. When the characters are on the down low it needs to be much shorter then it is.