I am a fan of this series, there’s no denying that. I’ve enjoyed them all baring Tokyo Drift though that’s not a reflection on the film more my inability to cope with the lead guy’s annoying accent. This lastest installment is my favourite so far.

Fast five is the latest in the fast and furious series of films where you have a film about cars, racing and girls. This time the boys and girls have headed to Rio in order to rob the richest man there of all his money and ultimately buy their freedom. It has a collection of actors from all there pervious films as it was supposed to be felt as Mr Diesel puts it “One last job”. Its main acts are Paul Walker and Vin Diesel who lead the gang to Rio. Its directed by Justin Lin.

Now people criticize these films because, they have awful plots or why do I want to watch people drive around for two hours. I am not one of those people. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment and believe it is the best so far. It’s easily the most fun, the biggest and the craziest so far.

Yes like many works of art it has flaws and no this film cannot be taken too seriously and I don’t think it was ever intended to be, with any of the installments so far. This film is simply a great deal of fun to be enjoyed.

From the start you are hooked as they start the film exactly where the last one left off. Getting Dom out of the bus which is heading for jail. I won’t say how they do it as I don’t wish to give spoilers away, however I will say it’s defiantly worth watching.

The set is of course beautiful to behold. It’s shows Rio with all its beauty. The cars themselves are of course stylish and a beauty both to look at and to hear. I will say that they have defiantly gone up a few gears for this film as it feels as though they have put a lot more thought and effort into this one, more than the others so that you watch it feeling thrilled and entertained.

Vin Diesel once gain graces us with his presence and his deep deep voice. Admittedly he does have one or two slightly boarding on the edge of cheesy lines but you barely notice it. One thing I did note while watching this is that he does seem to smile  a lot more in this film then he has done in pervious. One of the best parts of this film and I would be a fool not to mention it is, the fight between Vin Diesel and the Rock and they go toe to toe beating the live out of each other. It’s a fight many of us have wanted to see for a long time, as two of the biggest, both in stature and

physic. It’s very well done and has everything you could need from it with the two throwing each other through windows and walls and then each other.

Paul Walker is excellent in this, I really enjoyed seeing both Walker and Diesel together in this film but working together. They do seem to have slightly switched roles in this, by that I mean it’s normally Diesel who gets worked up and wanting to fight while Walker is normally the peacekeeper. There are several moments when O’Connor looked as though he was going to start something and Diesel is the one to step in and calm the situation down.

There are many twists and turns in this film, they all work really well and give the film a refreshing look and feel. It is however quite a hilarious sight when The Rock is standing next to his partner, played by Elsa Pataky , the size difference between the two of them is insane. The Rock being quite tall and quite hugely built next to the tiny woman.

The races are all brilliant and the last one at the end when all the cops are chasing them is crazy but so so good to watch. I will say as they it is in the trailer, Dom and O’Connor attach metal ropes to the vault and pull it out of the wall using their cars. They then proceed to drive down highways and through street using the vault as a weapon to simply, smash and destroy everything in sight. It sounds over the top and extreme, which it is, but it makes very good viewing.

Without giving anything away, once you have watched the main film fast forward as there is a very interesting post credits scene which is as we now know the thumbs up for another fast and furious film, which after watching this one I welcome with open arms for the next one.


***1/2. If you’re a fan of the fast and furious series then I would say defiantly go and see this one, you won’t be disappointed.  This is a film like the A team, if taken seriously then yes its average. But taken as a good fun entertaining film then its brilliant and now after writing this I’m going to go and watch it again.