Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Matthew Mcconaughey, really I am not. I’ve seen many of his films and he just doesn’t entice me into his roles or his films. However the one time I think where I have seen a film where he is the star of and enjoyed is “A time to kill”.  Where he plays a Lawyer defending the rights of a man who is accused of having killed two men who raped his daughter.

In Lincoln Lawyer he plays a Lawyer who works from the back of his car and is representing a man accused of killing a girl after a one night stand. It’s directed by Brad Furman and stars Matthew Mcconaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe,William H.Macy and Josh Lucas.

This film is an absolute thrill, its intense, funny and dramatic at the times it needs to be. Mcconaughey is fantastic to watch and for once when he is taking his shirt off its done in a tasteful way rather then having having him reveal more for the sake of it.

Ryan Phillippe must be commented on as he is one of the stars of the film, not just because his name is on the poster but because of his performance throughout the film. He goes from being emotional and vulnerable to being cold and sadistic at a moments notice and is able to transform incredibly well. This I believe is one of his best performances that I have seen from him in a long time and I feel that Audiences everywhere will be creeped out by his performance which is good. Marisa Tomei is excellent in this as well, as it’s refreshing to see two parents who are not at each other’s throats in every scene but instead appear to be good friends.

Their relationship in this gives the film a refreshing look at how you can play the two parts with each other rather then against.   Indeed this film does not go along any of the usual roads you expect while watching, instead it takes you down alternate routes which are both refreshing and give the film that bit extra which makes it great.

One slight aggravation I have which has nothing to do with set or plot or anything like that is William H.Macy get a bloody hair cut, looks ridiculous and distracts from your performance which is very good.  Its films like these though which desrve much more attention when they are first released into cinema. The amount of utter crap thats fills the screens in cinemas simply because they make money is ridiculous. For example gulliver’s travels is generally considered to be a really bad film, yet has been in cinemas for weeks. If you look at the amount of films that go to dvd quickly that are really good films , compared to the amount that stay in the cinema get more attention and are awful films for most of them. Well the latter outweighs the good film which is a massive shame.

This is the same case for The lincoln Lawyer, which is a fantastic film really well done, a classic courtroom drama. Yet has got very little attention and deserves so much more. Even the License plate of the Car is brilliant. NTGUILTY.


**** This is a much watch for anyone who enjoys law, crime, thrillers or good films.