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This new post I can write happily, which is good as I didn’t want my blog to turn into a website for bad movies. This is not a bad movie.

Yes like most films there are a few bad moments and weak points but in the whole I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Maybe as some people are thinking as they read this, it’s because I am a guy. This is true as the film is very much aimed towards guys and I would be an idiot for trying to ignore that fact. Sucker Punch is clearly not oscar material as it seems that most oscar material has to be for more than just one section of the public I.E a film which everyone wants to see other than guys.

Sucker punch is about a young girl whose mother passes away and lives her and her little sister alone with the much hated step-father. After trying to kill her step-father after he nearly rapes her little sister, he mistakenly kills her little sister instead. Woops. From here she is sent a mental institution where she meets other girls. The home is a front for a dancing club run by the creepy but well played Mr Blue. From this point the girls team up together and try to escape. It’s directed by Directed by Zack Snyder. With Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone.

Now when I write the Zack Snyder your mind should, hopefully, be filled with a view that this film will have dazzling special effects and music as well as being very stylised to the man who brought us things like 300 and Watchmen. Sucker Punch does not fail. From the beginning of the film you are brought to such awe inspiring way of filming with the slow motion captions to the comic book feel cinematography. Like Watchmen and 300 this film simply put is beautiful to look at. When it comes to the vision of a film it is hard to beat ZackSnyder’s efforts into putting a film like this together. Its beautiful elegant and yet at the same time highlights the gritty dirt of the story line and of real life so that you are both left wanting more and shown disgust at some moments of the story line.

Zack Snyder has been very clever by using what I like to call the “Snyder Touch” this is to say that once you start watch a film like this, you know instantly who made it. I myself did not enjoy Watchmen greatly as far as the plot is concerned and yet looking at purely from a visual perspective it should be held on the podium very high indeed. Sucker Punch is the same, its technology is breathtaking, in fact I am far more impressed by how Zack Snyder’s films look then how films such as Avatar look.

As far as the music is concerned I can find no fault in it, from the lines “sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree” to the music at the ending credits. The music suites this film perfectly and is done so very well. There are moments when you both hear and see something which make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as you know you are watch something special, amazing, so well done. There is one scene that sticks out for me as far as timing and music is concerned.  That is the scene where the Russian dance teacher insists that BabyDoll (can you see what I mean that this is clearly directed for guys) dances for the first time, when she puts on the music to that one song and BabyDoll started dancing and you watching it can help but nod your head to the beauty and beat of the music. That scene worked just so so well for me. The song incidentally is Army of me and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Now the film I don’t think will get much attention at the Oscars but this music should be noticed.

Now the characters, like all films, some were very good and some average and some just didn’t live up to scratch. Mr Blue played by Oscar Isaac was very well played indeed. He plays the man in charge of all the girls and is the owner of the entire place. At first he is seen to be the man who will look after the girls and help them on their way, quickly this changes into how much money he can make from the girls. He is nearly driven insane but he is a definite high light of the film. He can be both charming in the crudest sense and creepy beyond words. Heis forceful and does what he wants. I look forward to seeing him play other roles as I now know he can play this role very well. His relationship with Carla Gugino’s charactor Dr. Vera Gorski is fabulous as its intense and clear that they have a past together. She tries her very best to stand up to him for the girls and it is clear that though she has to be harsh on the girls she has a great love for them all. I feel that these two characters and their relationship far out way any others on screen, not to say that the rest are bad just that this relationship is particularly good.

Now some people say that this film is not good simply because is shows girls not wearing much, showing too much cleavage and too short of skirts. I would agree that the film does show this, however after ten minutes I did not pay much attention to this as you get lost in the action of it all. Also may I remind you all that this film is set in the 1960s.

What grabbed me as a clever concept is that the dance for the girls was a form of escapism which lead them to any world which they wished to go to from their own minds. Now some will argue that the reason that the worlds they went to were full of desecration and what looked to be an end of the world scenario. I would argue that it was this way because it is a reflection of the girls state of mind. They are fighting for their lives as they are mentally losing themselves, the cities are crumpling around them because it’s a reflection of their own state of mind. Admittedly it is also a good place for a massive action fight. I found that the dance to be the way of escaping to be a very clever idea.

With Babydoll, it worked for me as a character and yet there were some scenes where looking at her face for reaction, I saw nothing there which was a slight disappointment as her acting skills clearly weren’t quite good enough and no i’m not refereeing to the end of the film. The same im afraid goes to Vennesa Hudgens character who I just didn’t believe as a character. Abi Cornish was very strong and very impressive in this and you could feel every emotion she was going through, the strong leader, the loving sister and the fighter.  One comment I must make which nearly ruined the film for me was the scene near the end. (spoiler alert) when Babydoll must sacrifice herself to allow Abi Cornish’s character to escape. This scene I don’t think was needed and was far to much, nearly ruined the entire film for me. One last thing, when they show Babydoll’s face for the last time, as the camera moved around the room. I’lll admit I was slight sacred to see her face however when I did it was a disappointment.


*** It’s a good film to goand see, with some very good performances, though defiantly a guy film. A three very much bordering on a four star.