I really do wish that I was starting off my blog with a big bang of a film. The kind of film everyone wants to see and everyone who comes out of it is happy with and wants to see again. However due to simply bad timing, the last film I saw was I Am Number Four.

This is a  the film about Number Four, a man who is from another planet and is forced to escape his planet and come to Earth. He is looked after by a guardian who is also from his planet Lorien. Number Four is not alone and has come to Earth with a group of aliens, the main premise of this film is that a group of what apear to be hunters from the same planet are after the number to kill them. The film is directed by  D.J. Caruso and stars Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer.

This seems like a fairly good premise if done right, and I had trust,  note the had trust, in D.J. Caruso talents as a director. I mean look at Disturbia, that’s one I really enjoyed and had the pleasure of watching time and time again. I feel though that Mr Caruso may have left that little thing behind which makes a film good. Though every Actor and Director alike is allowed to make some mistakes here and there. This film is exactly that.

Ill be honest unlike many people I knew,  I was slightly looking forward to seeing this after seeing the trailers for this film. However I am here to say this is not a good film.

The script well , its one the films weakest points.  Never has there been a less original script. It feels like someone has forgotten how to write a script and said “Hey everyone i’m just popping down to the Film archive and getting the book with have filled with film clichés anyone object” to which everyone should have screamed yes, but they didn’t the script was poor and the film suffered horribly because it. The script I feel for any film is a foundation of the piece. You could have the best actors, directors and set , yet if you have a bad script the whole thing falls down through the ground.

The cast, well the cast I have mixed feeling on. Yes girls in their many hundreds will go to see this film because of the main lead Alex Pettyfer who they all say is good looking and will be happy with the scenes where he takes his shirt off, but for the rest of us looking at his talent he is not good in this film. Which is a huge shame as I have seen him in films such a “Tormented” and he was really fantastic in that, however he lacks any really talent in this. Yes he has a few scenes where he does well, however most of the time for me it felt like I was watching some one struggle to break through that wall into better acting. Hes almost there and yet he can’t quite get through. So overall it was a struggle of a performance for him and he joins the bin with the director on this one. It was just a long frustrating moment for him on a lot of his lines, as though you really wanted him to get through this and be good but he just didn’t ever manage it.

Dianna Agron I did enjoy very much in this film, she was one of the highlights for me. She easily out classed Mr Pettyfer. I just wish she had had more screen time, I do hope she goes onto much better things as she can easily manage it. The way she held herself was very impressive, I look forward to see how she holds her own against bigger and more impressive names.

Timothy Olyphant was another who can stand on the podium and be proud of his performance, he really did capture the screen when he was there, maybe it was due to the amount of experience he has had but again I did enjoy his role in this and just wished that he had had more time on screen. Here is a man who deserves a big break.

Now  I could complain about this film all day , from the boring flips and dives from Number four as he discovers his powers, which in todays standards is just boring and poor effort. The hunters where very cool to looking at and the make up is done very well. Again here is another actor who deserves his big break, Kevin Durand. I found him very good in his role of the leader of the hunters, to the point where I was wishing he would be on screen more.

The most scary thing about this film is the aspect that there may be another one. God help us all.


*** It’s a very easy watch as it’s so simple, as mentioned above , there are a few actors who stand out. If your feeling really really bored and having nothing to do then watch it, your girlfriend may some what enjoy it, guys you will not. The only pushing it to three stars is due to certain performances, other then that its a two.